The Tales of Rangosteen!

I had a read through my old blog, the one I started in 2004 just before I went on my travels.

It was depressing.

I was bitching about everything! The weather, the people, the seasons, the wrong vegetables in my rojak when i specifically asked for plain “tao pok” only. No, no, no ….that will not do. I could not continue the damn blog, because like an adolescent girl who is on to her 20th boyfriend, the blog’s got too much baggage. It is defiantly not one part of my life that I want to share with the big, bad world.


So voila! Here I am again, new site, new character – a lighter look at life because I’ve already had to deal with too much heavy stuff in my day job: wages, economics, inequality, human rights, political lefts, shopping centres. If I don’t take it easy, I’ll end up like a Jack Neo plot: tired and overworked.



(Cute show, except I could guess the plot and ending right at the start)

Here it is, the tales of Rangosteen – I’ll share what I want to share, and if I don’t want to share it, then deal with it! I was brought up an only child and that’s the way I’m wired. Hah! *blows raspberries*

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