Malaysians, Merlions and the new Merdeka.


So the Malaysians went to the Merlion for a protest? Well, you can’t blame them… if you’re a tourist, where else would you go?

I like it also how the police say that individuals are “assisting” them with their request. That they just need to “speak” with you. And hope you “cooperate“. Like how a loanshark would “gently urge” you to return their money.



(yeah…that too)


I wouldn’t say I am the most well versed person on Malaysian politics. What I do know is piped in directly from the media I consume, 90% of which is digital. If social media was junk food, I’d probably need a digital heart-by pass to remove the clot of lol-cats in my system by now.

So when I hear of things like widespread report of black-outs, followed by mysterious appearances of ballot boxes, suspected foreigners casting votes, individuals who have not yet voted suddenly told that they already have and lax security in place to prevent fair elections, I think it does call for an investigation.

A government is only as legitimate as the people who want them to be.

Does Malaysia need help? Well, I’m only chaff and I have no place in someone else’s kitchen. However, a few weeks ago I sent my car into Johore for repair. It was 9am on a Sunday morning and I was surprised to see another car earlier than me. The window was smashed and the owner, 76 year old Mr. Koh, told me mournfully that robbers had broken into his car earlier that morning whilst he was having breakfast.

I innocently asked him a very Singaporean question, “Did you report to the police?”

“Report la# ji#o report! What f$ck is the la# ji#o police here good for? Maybe they even protected the robber that smashed my window!!!!” he said in agile Hokkien.

If you frequent Malaysia, you know better than to leave any valuables in the car. Hell, you know better than to drive into Malaysia. Highway robbers, carpark thieves, petty crime. Policemen that blatantly take bribes on the road. Drive-by shootings, high speed chases by gangsters, violent robberies.

And that is only my experience and knowledge as a tourist.

People need freedom, not just freedom from oppression, but also freedom from fear, freedom from anarchy, freedom from the worries that weigh us down from pursuing self actualisation. That my friend, is the new Merdeka.

So do they need a change of administration? I cannot judge. All that I have said here is nothing new. What I am sharing has already been shared. You as the reader can make your own decision.

And if you still need more information, how about this little video from L’infantile terrible of Malaysia, Nam Wee.


(Warning: Video contains -very- explicit language.)

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