A typical weekday morning…


For some reason, I get asked the question “So what time do you start work everyday?”

My office hours are dictated by the ERP. My iPhone alarm is set to scream at 6am, 6.20am and 6.40am. The general rule is, if I manage to drive off by 7am, then I’ll cross the ERP before 7.30 (and pay nothing to the LTA) and be in the office 10mins later.

Then the reaction would be, “Wah, in the office so early! What do you do?!”

Shenton Way is a beautiful place to be in the morning. The sunrise and morning calm envelopes the city in a restful embrace, healing the buildings and its inhabitants from yesterday’s destructive energies. At this time of the day, I would either go for a run around the Marina Bay reservoir or be at the gym to workout a sweat.

Many people think, “Wah lau so tired already work the whole day where got energy to exercise?” I fight to keep groupthink like that from affecting my routine. I believe that physical activity feeds you with more energy later, although it makes you feel like crap immediately. It was a habit I acquired when I was living in Guangzhou. Then, I had to visit the gym each evening for a run… because otherwise there was really nothing much else left to do. You don’t want to run around the industrial areas of China, because your lungs might evolve faster than the rest of your body does.

When I returned to Singapore few years ago, my habits changed again. Networking was priority and my work required me to tune in at Wall Street hours. Late nights made for rough mornings and it took quite a while before I once again hauled my body onto the streets for a run. But so far so good, since November last year I have had stuck to this habit and though I still get lazy once in a while, the gym and Reservoir has yet to miss me.

Next in line of routine, is of course: Breakfast. Now I can get pretty boring on this also. It has been either one of 3 things for the past half a year: a Cedele half sandwich set, some corn flakes or char bee hoon from Golden Shoe market. Only once every two weeks do I indulge in a McDonalds.

I generally don’t like McDonalds, apart from the breakfast stuff, the usual menu scream of cows that seek vengeance. And eggs that protest against poor hatching conditions. If they opened a Macs at Hong Lim park, it would have been totally appropriate.

If you’re also an early riser and appreciate the fine mornings of Shenton Way also, why not drop me a mail?



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