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If you have yet to watch this, the advice is: bring a teddy bear.

For me, as an Asian… I think Hollywood horror movies are gross, disgusting and at most creepy, but it doesn’t get into your head like Asian horror flicks do.

Take Shutter for example.

The twist at the end of the movie sends all the hairs on your body on its ends. Suddenly everything makes sense.


(I wanna piggy back ride!)

Asian horror make use of everyday objects like televisions, mirrors, swimming pools and elevators to freak the hell out of you. It gets into your head and stays there for a week. Most don’t use special effects, but they know what is unsaid is even more frightening.

In The Ring, you don’t even see the ghost until very much later.



(…ok, now insert your contact lenses carefully…)

Paranormal Activities diverts a little away from your special effect laden Hollywood horror. I think the less money they have, the greater the fear. In all the sequels, you don’t really see any “ghost”. There is none. But yet, the creepiness level is intense. For me this scene below is the apex of the movie:



(The adventures of Mr. Handkerchief)

Hollywood on the other hand, use lots of gore, blood and violence to create fear and it ends up pretty much the same – vampire, monster, headless thing dripping with blood. It is almost always a thundery night and involves some torture, killing or satanic ritual.

Evil Dead is no different.

Normally in a slasher flick, when the knife lands on the victim, the camera pans away and all you see are splatters of blood and the sound of knife landing on flesh. In Evil Dead, you get to see e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.


The meat saw cutting through the hand.


The girl cutting her jaw off with a piece of glass.


The heroine tugging hard on a trapped hand, eventually abandoning palm and fingers as she wrings it out from under a car.


A knife slicing through a woman’s breast.


A needle stabbing through the bottom of an eye of his victim.


In fact the most innocent thing you will see is a woman being set on fire.


(…and plenty of this)

It was so violent, 20mins into the show, four of our fellow audience got up and left. It was that bad. The sound, the sights… it was so gory you just couldn’t look away.


(just like how she can’t look away from you)

So yes, bring your teddy bear. Bring a blanket. But trust me, you don’t wanna bring anything to eat on this one, lest you want to puke your popcorn out.


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