Random interviews: Joei L.



(…she was watching something¬†on the computer…)

Meet Joei L. [age mysteriously undisclosed, but I think it is 27 *cough*]. Nabbed whilst in the middle of watching men in suits lip syncing to Boyz-to-Men, I made her answer a few pressing questions.

Rango: So Joei. Tell me, what do you do?

Joei: I am the Supreme Master of the Universe.

Rango: Right. So this thing you’re wearing, is that your uniform?

Joei: No, I am under cover.

Rango: Excellent choice of disguise.

Rango: What are your wishes for the world?

Joei: World peace. Boomz.

Rango: That sounds like a very Ris-ky thing to say.

Rango: What do you think about Peanut Butter Milkshakes?

Joei: Better when they’re not in a cup.


(I must go, my people need me)

So there we have it. Joei, the master of the universe. Which universe I do not know. So don’t be naughty, you never know who’s in charge.



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