The Milkshake Hunt


I’m no food blogger and have no intention to be.

But living in Singapore, you can’t –not– talk about food. This island is a 500 sqm walk in menu and the inhabitants are in love with their food. We’re cheap people except when it comes to affairs of the palate. Spend $2 on a train ticket? Too expensive. Spend $120 on a good dinner? Absolutely worth it!

So I wanna start with my favourite drinkable dessert – the milkshake.

I started off the mission with the three most favourite places I dine in: Prive at Kepple Island, Max Brenners at the Esplanade, OverEasy near the Butter Factory and then together with my colleagues we chanced upon this place called the Paddington House of Pancakes at City Square Mall.

Now I had for a few weeks, when I was a teenager, worked at Swensons (at the basement of Peninsular Plaza if you remember…this was 1995). I was trained by the most charming aunty in the arcane skills of milkshake making – guaranteed to bring boys and girls in the yard. I’d like to teach you how, but I’d have to charge.

A good milkshake must have a good milky base. And en-richened by ice-cream. The next ingredient that blends into this concoction must have the ability to play both star and supporting actor. The flavour must be strong and yet does not obfuscate the presence of milk and ice-cream. The blending must give way to a creamy fluffiness, give the cup a slight knock on the side and like testing for a ripe watermelon, it ought to give you that springing sound.

I’m a peanut butter fan and through reflex I’d order peanut butter flavours where they are present. Prive used to serve -the- best peanut butter milkshakes around, but i’m not sure why but its been taken off their menu. PRIVE IF YOU’RE READING THIS….BRING BACK YOUR PEANUT BUTTER JELLY MILKSHAKES!!!!

Meet Prive’s chocolate classic thick shake:


(Chocolate from Prive)


It doesn’t fail its name, this milkshake was thicker than a dictionary. It was… how shall we say… “ok”. The presence of chocolate ice cream was hard to ignore and little bit annoying. Like a 70 year old ah-pek wearing a short, red dress.  I think it would have been a much more delightful drink if it was less ice-creamy and more chocolatey. The little flakes at the top were easily dismissed also, they could have been flaked garlic but I don’t know… it wasn’t memorable.

One day after the gym, I made a friend join me at Max Brenners. Famous for their chocolate drinks, I wasn’t really expecting milkshakes on the menu, so when I flipped the pages and saw this:



I shut the menu right back and demanded my peanut butter iced chockie.



(Max Brenner’s Peanut Butter!)

This was it. This would be the dish to bring world peace and rally up the nation. Each slurp went “crunch, crunch”, and that was enough for me. If there was a way to improve this a little more, it would be to make it a little thicker. I think milkshakes are more fun to drink if there was some resistance in the straw. What WAS annoying though, was the metallic straw and the odd cup it came in. Bound in place, you could move the straw around to stir the cup and the metal gave your mouth a strange feeling. Kind of like having a knife between your teeth – very weird.

I don’t know how many calories these things contain, but I’m guess it must be close to a thousand. So don’t for one minute think that I had all these drinks one after the other. I go to the gym every morning so I feel not an ounce of guilt after compiling this article.

The day after, after a good lunch of chimichangas at the Cuban cafe near my office, a bunch of my colleagues thought we ought to have a quick dessert at OverEasy.

Once again… no peanut butter 🙁

But we ordered a family of flavours for sampling. Here you’ll see Oreos, MnMs and Strawberry (with a real, fat, red, juice oozing strawberry)


(Strawberry, MnM’s and Oreos)

Well, it’s not cheap – about $12 a mug. Compared to the Max Brenner’s version, this one is not nearly as sweet (which is not an entirely bad thing). It didn’t punch that strong a memory into my head and was a drink that was easily forgettable. Except for the price.

On another happy afternoon, I chanced upon this other place – the Paddington House of Pancakes.

I must say this was a happy find, pancakes make for really fun eating and this place boasts of having over a hundred different versions of them (or so claims the menu).


(no, the cafe’s name is not “flipped”)

And guess what? They have milkshakes!

Albeit I was very disappointed to find whipped cream in between me and the drink. No, it’s not because i bother about the fat content, but I think whipped cream is the ugliest thing you can put on food. It is sickly sweet and adds no value. It is the culinary version of the one-piece swimming suit – outdated and in poor taste.


(Milkshake with the unfortunate whipped cream)

We did try the pancakes however and ooooh, la, la – it IS good. Maple syrup to drizzle with, rich vanilla ice cream as a delicious companion and a small stack of fluffy and fragrant pancakes adorned with real fruit.


(blueberry…something, pancake)


(We ordered a “Caramel Latte” -.-)

So there we go. If you’re a fan of milkshake also, why not drop me an email and send me your recommendations?


(Note: I’m not paid, and have no intention to get paid by any food business. Whatever i’m doing here is just for fun and my opinions, just honest experiences.)



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