Old Tampines Road Bak Kut Teh


Do you like pork ribs?

Do you like soup?

Do you like pork ribs in soup?

If you yelled Hulk like “YEAAAHAHHHHHH!!!!!”, then read on my friend… read on… for I shall introduce you to yet another discovery of mine – Old Tampines Bak Kut Teh.



And the name is so apt. It’s old and it’s Tampines. And they’re not kidding you when they say “Old Tampines.” Look at this place. It’s ancient. I haven’t seen a place like this ever since I was a kid.


Look at that Malaysian car parked there: it looks right at home. The driver probably thought he had teleported back into JB.

Ok, enough about the place. What this place is famous for, is the pork rib’s soup: or locally known as Bak Kut Teh, or literally Pork Rib’s Tea. I know that we Asian’s eat weird stuff but trust me, it’s not cooked in tea. It’s actually simmering in a claypot full of herbal soup.


The tea part came about when the blue collared workers of long ago, after a lunch of this bak kut soup, decided that they needed something to fight the after lunch drowsiness. Thus they drank tea (because coffee was supposed to be bad for health – according to the Chinese physicians of the day).

I think good pork ribs has to be patiently cooked. At least for an hour, so that the meat slides right off the bone when you eat it. There’s a generous amount of bean curd skin in here too. Mmmm.


But that’s not the only thing they serve. We also ordered this:


Coffee Pork.

Oh yes. Bitter. Sticky. Strong flavour of cocoa. It’s like eating sweet and sour pork. Except that it’s not sweet and sour. (i’m pretty lazy with my food descriptions aren’t I?)

And then there’s this:


The Gold Mountain (aka oat fried pork/chicken)

Dig through the heaps of fried oats (i think it’s oats) and bite into the nuggets of chicken (i think it’s chicken). But I must warn you: this dish is insanely filling. Must be because of the heaps of oil used to cook it.

Once I was done with this, I felt more bloated than a pregnant woman suffering from water retention.

I had to do this:



Anyway, the food is fab and the place is unique. If you think air-conditioning is for babies, why not come to this place.

This is the road:


And this is the shop:



And if I hadn’t persuaded you well yet, why not hear it from my buddy, Mr. Kiwi as he explains why food like this would keep Singaporeans from migrating to Australia.


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