New Age Grass Cutters!

So yesterday we were invited to check out some fancy new technologies that is designed to reduced the number of foreign labour needed, whilst improving the local job market.

Remember these guys?



Yeah, when I was a kid, I had a friend who was terrified of these things. The grasscutters could be doing their job a hundred thousand miles away, but he’d insist on walking the other direction.

Yesterday, we saw this machine:

Yes – it is remote controlled and no, you don’t need a COE to buy it.

Once upon a time, you needed 5 grass cutters to very laboriously tend to a field. Today, this machine will munch up grass, flowers, small bushes and puppy dogs. Even on steep inclines.

Oh, did I mention it was remote controlled?

Technology can make the need for manpower unnecessary. But in a tight labour market like Singapore, this can be a good thing. With stuff like this, tow-kays will be able to create better jobs, that require more skills and thus pay better.

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