10 things girls do that annoy a guy

In the last article, we learnt how not to piss a girl off. But do the girls know what annoys the guys?
Here we go:

10. You do not need to preen for an hour
Yes, yes…we know you want to look pretty for us. But we’re men. We don’t know if one hair is out of place. We don’t know if you’ve cut your hair. Actually, we may not even know if you have hair. But we know we’d like to be on time.

9. “Am I fat”?
You will know it if you are.

8. The “Princess Syndrome” (or “Gong ju Peng” in Cantonese)
You’re really sweet, you’re really cute… but if you’re gonna demand it like a spoilt child, we will leave the toilet seats up. And pee all over it for good measure.

7. “I have no shoes to wear!”
…and we have no words to say…

6. Him: “What’s wrong?”     Her:  “Nothing.”
What are we? Mind readers? If you say nothing’s wrong, then yes, we will acknowledge that everything is fine.

5. Driving like a woman
But to be fair, I think the statistics of fatal accidents in men are higher. And the ones involving women more amusing.

4. Lavender is a plant, not a colour
Men can only see two colours: a.) it’s nice b.) it’s not nice.

3. Being the fashion police 
Left to our own devices, we’ll even wear green trousers with yellow singlets. On boots. Let us be.

2. Replacing your clothes collection
Think we don’t know? You’re sneaking in your tastes into our wardrobe – you’re making us wear things YOU like. But because we love you, we let you do it *wink*

1. I’m on a diet…

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