10 things you shouldn’t do to piss a girl off in 2014


Do you know what they are? That’s right, like most blokes you probably don’t know what pisses her off. So here’s a list – hope it’ll save you awkward silences, cold stares and toxic gossips.


10. Squeezing toothpaste from the middle

..b..b..b….that’s where the hand goes when it reaches for the tube right?



9. Not being able to find something (and then it is there when she points it out obviously)

She asks you to get something from the cupboard. You go there and can’t find it. She comes with you and lo-and-behold, it is there! It is called a “male blindspot”



8. Procrastinating to fix something. And then finding an excuse.

b…b..but….we’re always soooooooo busy! *cracks open a beer*


7. Keeping left over food in fridge, when it can be finished or discarded

We’re just love your cooking so much, we don’t want to throw any tiny bit away!



6. Dripping over the toilet seat



5. Over confident handyman

Anything can be fixed. Anything.



4. Thinking you’re the best driver in the world 

We’re not?



3. Overly high self esteem


2. Over the age of 35 and living with the parents (and no, “saving money” is not a good reason)



1. Being a cheapskate








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