I’m gonna make furniture!

Ok, so these are my ideas for the type of furniture i’m gonna be attempting to make! I’ve found a furniture master – will be revealing who he is later šŸ˜›

What do you guys think? Is this something you’ll put in your living room?


Love the raw, handcrafted feel of this – I think it could be modified in such a way I can put small cabinets in it.


This oneĀ has complexity of carving on the surface…wonder if there is enough time…


I like the way the old crate is enveloped by clean, modern wood…


I have a version of this in my house… butI fear this is a little complex to make…


This is A LOT more simple…


Somehow this reminds me of old ships…



If all else fails, i’ll justĀ get something from here:



Lol…just kidding…




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