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Hello readers!

As you know, I’m going to be helping raise money for this charity: Children-At-Risk Empowerment. This I’ll be doing through this magazine as part of their A-Listers challenge:


I have always wanted to embark on a little project – to go around schools, sharing with teenagers the importance of their youth. To inspire them to do something, learn something, to experience what life has to offer.

My dad was a single parent. When I was 14, he was hit by a stroke, rendering him handicapped. I left school prematurely at 16 to look after him.

Back then, my cousins argued hard for me to stay in school – but it was not so easy to convince a rebellious teenager.

When I look back at my life since then, I shudder to think of what troubles I could have landed myself in. I could have gone into selling illegal VCDs. I could have become a drug mule. Because I was led by the charms of money, I did take some shortcuts I wished I never had.

Singapore is such an advanced economy, our children need not have to go through this.

I do a lot of work in my community – I hear from people that have unsolvable problems in their lives when they’re 50, 60. You can always trace the problems back to when it snowballed – when they were growing up. The formative years.

You see – it is far easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

For a teenager or a child, it is not easy to understand this. You cannot argue logic with them. They need a tremendous amount of inspiration.

The Challenge

As part of the Augustman challenge, I’m going to learn (from scratch), how to build furniture. I’m going to contact the ITE or the Singapore Furniture Council for some advice. But the bulk of it, I’m going to learn it on my own – through books and through speaking with people. This is part of the message: that you need to pro-actively go out and seek wisdom.

I’ll be documenting a lot of this here, so do have a look at the progress! Would I succeed in making a usable chair and table? Maybe… maybe not.

Augustman dubs the A-Listers people of “style, substance and success”. I dare lay no such claim. I am at best still journeying through life, I still need the advice of mentors.

Do check back here for updates on how all this is going!


How can you help? 

You can pledge a donation via this site: GIVEasia Donations above $50 are tax deductible. 

When you’re done, send me an email at [email protected] and let me know! 😀




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