Foreign Worker Dormitories: Is threshold for licence too low?

  Another construction company is taken to task by the MOM. B-Construction was fined S$74,000 for housing foreign workers in unapproved accommodation. They pleaded guilty to 11 charges under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. According to the MOM, B-Construction housed its foreign workers at a construction site located at Canberra Crescent from January to […]

Pythons: Why are they ssssssurfacing in Ssssssingapore?

The newspapers seem to suggest that it is merely the monsoon that brings our slithery friends. But this isn’t the first time we’ve had monsoons and this surely isn’t the first day of social media, why are there these python sightings? The numbers have been increasing too. Last year the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority was […]

Arts is important. Don’t brush it off

This short dialogue captured between 938Live’s Bharati Jagdish and theatre veteran Ong Keng Sen warrants a closer look: “Bharati: Is Singapore too utilitarian a society to create truly passionate artists? Ong: I think the way our Government has created Singapore is they have really entrenched certain perspectives. I’ll give you an example. I had a young person […]