NTUC’s moment of silence

On the 24th of March 2015, the NTUC held a simple ceremony. Staff, union representatives and members of the public gathered for a show of solidarity and respect. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s ties with the unionists and workers span back to the tumultuous and fractious days of the 1950s. He fought alongside the Postal and Telecommunications […]

Why are the unions in singapore non-militant?

The NTUC of today runs enterprises, is non-strike, co-operates with government & businesses and membership is criticised for resembling a social club, rather than a labour movement. It wasn’t always like this. The precise moment of when the confederation became a friendlier, fuzzier version of its former self, can be pin pointed to the NTUC Modernisation Seminar […]

Thai Prime Minister – running out of Luck

  Yet another showdown is taking place in the streets of Bangkok. Tense and terse, supporters of rival political factions take their battle to the streets. One hell bent on ousting a Prime Minister, the other strongly resisting it. The PM’s crime? Being a little too foolhardy in trying to pass an amnesty bill that […]

New Age Grass Cutters!

So yesterday we were invited to check out some fancy new technologies that is designed to reduced the number of foreign labour needed, whilst improving the local job market. Remember these guys?   Yeah, when I was a kid, I had a friend who was terrified of these things. The grasscutters could be doing their […]

Does Singapore have a level playing field for both citizens and foreigners?

  Before we begin, let me share a true story of a union in modern Singapore: “There was once a union so influential, it managed to convince 90% of a company to join them. Once the company was unionised, the unionists wasted no time in negotiating wages and benefits, to which the management was strong-armed […]

Social Responsibility cannot be outsourced

  Here are some quick facts about cleaners: They are outsourced workers – they don’t normally work for the company they clean Some work (or chose to work) 10 hours a day Some earn average wages of about $750 Yesterday I had the opportunity of joining in a “Cleaner’s Appreciation week” celebration at the Foodfare […]

Don’t feed the trolls. Just. Just don’t.

      Internet has caused mankind to evolve considerably. Today, we see a new kind of human species: the electronic troll. Lacking the ability to hunt food, the electronic troll survives on a diet of pizza and antibiotics. Because of extended time on the computer, the electronic troll has evolved to have huge oversized […]

Speak up for our wages!

  If you don’t have a degree today, read this: don’t let your employer keep your salary low. If you are already employed and have been performing well, you should not be letting your employer get away with depressing your salary just because you lack the paper qualifications. We don’t usually talk about it, but […]