Foreign Worker Dormitories: Is threshold for licence too low?

  Another construction company is taken to task by the MOM. B-Construction was fined S$74,000 for housing foreign workers in unapproved accommodation. They pleaded guilty to 11 charges under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. According to the MOM, B-Construction housed its foreign workers at a construction site located at Canberra Crescent from January to […]

Arts is important. Don’t brush it off

This short dialogue captured between 938Live’s Bharati Jagdish and theatre veteran Ong Keng Sen warrants a closer look: “Bharati: Is Singapore too utilitarian a society to create truly passionate artists? Ong: I think the way our Government has created Singapore is they have really entrenched certain perspectives. I’ll give you an example. I had a young person […]

The Licence To Shag

It started with an assertion from Mr. P: “It is primal nature of humans to desire multiple sexual partners. Sleeping around is natural”.  I was listening to him explaining all this over a plate of hot crispy waffles served with two soft, generous scoops of ice cream. Pistachio with caramel and honeycomb. He spoke an […]

Why are the unions in singapore non-militant?

The NTUC of today runs enterprises, is non-strike, co-operates with government & businesses and membership is criticised for resembling a social club, rather than a labour movement. It wasn’t always like this. The precise moment of when the confederation became a friendlier, fuzzier version of its former self, can be pin pointed to the NTUC Modernisation Seminar […]

10 things you shouldn’t do to piss a girl off in 2014

  Do you know what they are? That’s right, like most blokes you probably don’t know what pisses her off. So here’s a list – hope it’ll save you awkward silences, cold stares and toxic gossips.   10. Squeezing toothpaste from the middle ..b..b..b….that’s where the hand goes when it reaches for the tube right? […]

Don’t feed the trolls. Just. Just don’t.

      Internet has caused mankind to evolve considerably. Today, we see a new kind of human species: the electronic troll. Lacking the ability to hunt food, the electronic troll survives on a diet of pizza and antibiotics. Because of extended time on the computer, the electronic troll has evolved to have huge oversized […]