We talk differently, men and women…yes…

  It has always bewildered me what the differences are in conversations when women and men talk. The starkest difference is that: men, we talk without emotion. Please ladies, please help us: We’re just not able to process emotions so well. It’s a deficiency. Like scurvy. So you bought a new dress?….Wow that’s nice!  Someone […]

5 things that piss me off on the road

At the top of the list: 5. SIGNAL!!! SIGNAL!! USE THE DAMN SIGNAL!!!   4. Mobile lighthouses. If you’re not too bright, headlights can’t compensate. 3. People who drive like this. Especially on an expressway.   2. People who drive this, in the middle/right lanes and then drive faster than me.     1. People […]

“Love at first sight” and other stories…

  Love at first sight, undying passion, unbridled, unquestioning love. How do some people know when they buy a car, chose a job, chose a life partner within moments of introduction, they know that it is the right choice for eternity? Like the downstairs uncle (sic) wanton noodle shop, delicious only 4 days out of 6. […]

All men are the same!

  Hey ladies! You know when you huddle together and bemoan that “All men are the same”, and then fling your hands into the air in frustration? Well, here’s the truth from a member of the male team: you’re right. How are we the same? Let me recall the stereotypes we have been bombarded with: […]

The hawker centre

So today, let’s have a look at the humble hawker center. A place where the hungry go to feed, where the bored go for coffees and chats. The poor man’s Starbucks, the rich man’s thrify house and every hungry man’s heaven. Before we continue, i need to get all the obvious descriptive puns out of […]

Men, women and toilets

Why do women go to the toilets together? This is a matter that the male species will never understand. We were hardwired to stop, drop and hop off. Not hang around for chit-chats. If the toilet is a place where fertiliser is made, shouldn’t it be a very quiet and solemn thing to do? Us […]