It’s for the children at CARE…

Hello readers! As you know, I’m going to be helping raise money for this charity: Children-At-Risk Empowerment. This I’ll be doing through this magazine as part of their A-Listers challenge: I have always wanted to embark on a little project – to go around schools, sharing with teenagers the importance of their youth. To inspire […]

2013: Lessons for 2014

Wrote this at the beginning of the year. I’d like to enter 2014 with lessons from ’13.  Didn’t know that a negative can be used so positively 🙂  —————–——–——–——–——–——–——–——–——–   Don’t be an idiot. Don’t be a tart. Don’t make promises you can’t fulfil, feelings are like houses of cards. Don’t be hasty, don’t break […]

Here’s how you can make your New Year’s Resolution work

  “Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast“, said Friar Lawerence in Romeo and Juliet. Since the dawn of the year, I’ve heard of resolution after resolution made by enthusiastic friends: Lose weight, get fit, get rich, find a partner. Come the 2nd of January, everyone is in New Years resolution mode. Like a […]

5 things that piss me off on the road

At the top of the list: 5. SIGNAL!!! SIGNAL!! USE THE DAMN SIGNAL!!!   4. Mobile lighthouses. If you’re not too bright, headlights can’t compensate. 3. People who drive like this. Especially on an expressway.   2. People who drive this, in the middle/right lanes and then drive faster than me.     1. People […]