2013: Lessons for 2014

Wrote this at the beginning of the year. I’d like to enter 2014 with lessons from ’13.  Didn’t know that a negative can be used so positively 🙂  —————–——–——–——–——–——–——–——–——–   Don’t be an idiot. Don’t be a tart. Don’t make promises you can’t fulfil, feelings are like houses of cards. Don’t be hasty, don’t break […]

Here’s how you can make your New Year’s Resolution work

  “Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast“, said Friar Lawerence in Romeo and Juliet. Since the dawn of the year, I’ve heard of resolution after resolution made by enthusiastic friends: Lose weight, get fit, get rich, find a partner. Come the 2nd of January, everyone is in New Years resolution mode. Like a […]

Marketing: Sporadic mentions on blogs, does it work?

  (Business and marketing was my first love… been talking about politics and society for so long, I hope to balance some of this with some corporate opinions)   A common practice of businesses in these electronic days is to go to a blog owner and (either through payment or cajoling) get him/her to write […]

10 things you shouldn’t do to piss a girl off in 2014

  Do you know what they are? That’s right, like most blokes you probably don’t know what pisses her off. So here’s a list – hope it’ll save you awkward silences, cold stares and toxic gossips.   10. Squeezing toothpaste from the middle ..b..b..b….that’s where the hand goes when it reaches for the tube right? […]

New Age Grass Cutters!

So yesterday we were invited to check out some fancy new technologies that is designed to reduced the number of foreign labour needed, whilst improving the local job market. Remember these guys?   Yeah, when I was a kid, I had a friend who was terrified of these things. The grasscutters could be doing their […]

Malacca, June 2013

   (After I wrote this article, it was reported that the Malaysian Government has plans to shut down Jonker Street.)   In Chinese mythology, when a statue has been standing in the open for too long, the dew, rain and other natural elements may give the statue a soul and bring it to life.   […]

Does Singapore have a level playing field for both citizens and foreigners?

  Before we begin, let me share a true story of a union in modern Singapore: “There was once a union so influential, it managed to convince 90% of a company to join them. Once the company was unionised, the unionists wasted no time in negotiating wages and benefits, to which the management was strong-armed […]