The advertising landscape in Singapore

  Is the Singaporean advertising landscape too tame? Is there room for more bold expression, a more creative way to flaunt our Singaporean character? Meet Kiwi. Despite his New Zealand-ish name, the chap is a true blue Singaporean. His language explodes with Hokkien expletives, his skin thicker than a tank and his appetite is like […]

“Love at first sight” and other stories…

  Love at first sight, undying passion, unbridled, unquestioning love. How do some people know when they buy a car, chose a job, chose a life partner within moments of introduction, they know that it is the right choice for eternity? Like the downstairs uncle (sic) wanton noodle shop, delicious only 4 days out of 6. […]

Freedom is won through the barrels of profit.

  Playing an inconvenient game of chess, the North Korean administration moved their missile pieces away from launch positions. Like the shower tap, the relations on the peninsular has always been either fantastically hot or fucking freezing. Only for very fleeting moments was the temperature just right. I believe the Koreas will never intentionally go […]

Welcome to the Internet. You may leave your kindness at the door.

  The internet is the mask for mankind. With this layer of anonymity, we are empowered to be anything we want to be. And some chose to be faux comedians, armchair politicians and career trolls. You say yea, i’ll say nay. You say tomayto, i’ll say tomahto. Talking about politics, religion, race or sexual orientation? […]