All men are the same!


Hey ladies! You know when you huddle together and bemoan that “All men are the same”, and then fling your hands into the air in frustration?

Well, here’s the truth from a member of the male team: you’re right.

How are we the same? Let me recall the stereotypes we have been bombarded with: we’re flirtatious, we ogle at girls at every opportunity, we’re opportunists, territorial, terrible with dates, can’t multitask, can never grow up and we’re messy.

When we talk, our conversations are predictable. Almost always either about National Service, business ideas or politics.

Guilty as charged, your accusations are well founded. Observe a group of guys the next time you have the chance. Notice how when a hot thing in a skirt and high heels walk past, someone from the team would nudge around and give the face that says “chio bu, chio bu!” We’re men lah, can’t help it.

If it’s a hot girl we’re ogling at, chances are it’ll stop at that. Even if there was opportunity to flirt dangerously, well… i guess some will, and some won’t… but you can be very sure where our loyalty sits. At home with family and the mrs.

I read a very interesting book once, and in that book it talked about how you can be very sure that your partner (and that means the woman as well) will flirt. If you expect undying passion and loyalty from your significant other for all of time, well, the author sends her apologies because she says its not going to happen. It goes on to explain (or warn) that if you don’t cater for some space and distance to allow for some harmless flirting, then you might find an emotional void building up around the both of you.

But like underwear (and keeping it on), flirting is a very personal thing and i’m not writing to promote it nor discourage it.

Back to my part about stereotyping men… what are we? Oh yes, we’re childish. We’ll do the mine is bigger than yours, longer than yours, richer than yours, cheaper, better, faster than yours, until testosterone do us to death. We can’t help it, we’re competitive and you cannot stop until someone has fallen out. It gets more exciting when we’re in a vehicle.

Shopping malls hate us. Because we don’t spend. Clothes, shoes, stationary, you name it –  fact is it would be far easier feeding vegetables to a 4 year old than getting a man to spend some money on little items. (But when it comes to splurging tens of thousands of dollars on say, a car… no problem, decisions can be made snappy snappy)

But you know what? We’re also very simple.

Simple to a fault.

If we say that we’re tired. It means we’re tired. If we say that we’re not in the mood, it means we’re not in the mood. We’re just not capable of playing mind games or pandering to emotions, but this just wouldn’t’ work if the other party *ahem, the woman* thinks that what we say has a double meaning.

You see, as men, we like to think that we are connoisseurs of our top 3 interests: money, power and women. Anything else out of this domain is of little interest to us. This includes trivial things about emotions, other peoples lives, anything with fur or colour co-ordination.

So ladies, you’re right – men, we’re all the same. But so are you, and this shall be a topic for another day 😛


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