Top 5 things Singaporeans talk about


What do Singaporeans talk about when they get together? I think these would come up top on the list:

No. 5: Starting a business

…and then never actually doing it. Let’s face it, making money is fun. And we’re really good at brainstorming really cool ideas. When we get to the discussion of business ideas, each party suddenly gets wilder and wilder ideas, hand actions become more and more animated until finally someone succumbs and say, “yah man let’s do it, let’s do it!”…and in a glorious moment of anti-climax, the conversation will abruptly end.


(..and yah, we should totally create an app that helps people make phone calls!)


No. 4: National Service

If you have a male member in your group, confirm plus chop stamp you have a 90% chance of tales from National Service. Ghost stories, “shiong” stories, stories of sadistic instructors, stories that sound like there is not even an ounce of truth in them. It usually starts with a “I remember laaaaasst time when I was in 456 Guards ah, wah lau….”


(and there was one time I lifted a 3-tonner with my bare hands to save a kitten!)


No. 3: Politics

Ponding. Mee Siam mai hum. $8 by-pass surgery. ERP. SMRT. These and more are the words synonymous with local politics. Poking fun at politicians has always been a national past time. It’s childish, but it’s a good pressure release valve.


(All this is actually quite hum-less)


No. 2: Food

We’re a food country right, so how can you not expect our conversations to revolve around food? The best this, the crunchiest that, roasted, braised, steamed, fried, double boiled and barbecued – and unlike business ideas, this type of conversations have more probability of ending in affirmative action.

 Tim Ho Wan in Singapore

(If our conversations had hash-tags, I think the trending word would be #TimHoWan)


No. 1: Covert Bragging

You know what it sounds like, “Aiyoh, yesterday I went to Prada, the queue sooooo long! But lucky i bought my handbag“. We love to brag, but we need to sneak it into conversation undetected, otherwise we’ll be accused of, well, bragging. Have you ever wondered why someone needs to explain their destination, when they can simply tell you they’re on leave? “Yah, I’ll be travelling to Barcelona next week, so if you have any email to send me can do so by tomorrow hor.”


(Bought a new car, how to tell the most people in the shortest time…hmmm….)



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