Arts is important. Don’t brush it off

This short dialogue captured between 938Live’s Bharati Jagdish and theatre veteran Ong Keng Sen warrants a closer look: “Bharati: Is Singapore too utilitarian a society to create truly passionate artists? Ong: I think the way our Government has created Singapore is they have really entrenched certain perspectives. I’ll give you an example. I had a young person […]

The Licence To Shag

It started with an assertion from Mr. P: “It is primal nature of humans to desire multiple sexual partners. Sleeping around is natural”.  I was listening to him explaining all this over a plate of hot crispy waffles served with two soft, generous scoops of ice cream. Pistachio with caramel and honeycomb. He spoke an […]

Why are the unions in singapore non-militant?

The NTUC of today runs enterprises, is non-strike, co-operates with government & businesses and membership is criticised for resembling a social club, rather than a labour movement. It wasn’t always like this. The precise moment of when the confederation became a friendlier, fuzzier version of its former self, can be pin pointed to the NTUC Modernisation Seminar […]

It’s for the children at CARE…

Hello readers! As you know, I’m going to be helping raise money for this charity: Children-At-Risk Empowerment. This I’ll be doing through this magazine as part of their A-Listers challenge: I have always wanted to embark on a little project – to go around schools, sharing with teenagers the importance of their youth. To inspire […]

Thai Prime Minister – running out of Luck

  Yet another showdown is taking place in the streets of Bangkok. Tense and terse, supporters of rival political factions take their battle to the streets. One hell bent on ousting a Prime Minister, the other strongly resisting it. The PM’s crime? Being a little too foolhardy in trying to pass an amnesty bill that […]